About company
Since 1994 under continuous management of Zygmunt Kaminski, SIGRO has been developing dynamically to become today the leading supplier for the window industry in Europe mainly in the area of glued laminated window and door scantlings.
1990s was the period of dynamic development of our company that expanded its activity by new outlets. Equipping the plant with modern machines had a significant influence on the production progress. Then our company became one of the biggest manufacturers of the glued laminated wood in Poland and the brand recognisable on the European market.
In view of the continuously growing number of orders, the next breakthrough moment for our company was the decision taken in 2008 on construction of a new plant. One of the industrial zones in the Silesian Agglomeration was selected for its location.
Two years later i.e. in 2010 a new production plant located in Dąbrowa Górnicza started operation. Being equipped with a state-of-the-art machinery park, the plant fulfils the demanding orders for demanding customers.
Year 2015 was the period of good changes in our machinery park which we modernized. We equipped our machinery park with new innovative machines that optimized our work and owing to which we are able to fulfil all orders at an even higher level.
Year 2016 is time full of challenges, plans and new investments not only in machinery park, but also in the production plant which we plan to extend by a new production hall. We pay close attention to development of our personnel and our plant. Owing to our participation in international woodworking fairs we are able to improve our activity, broaden our knowledge and also analyse market in details.